CHEN Wenbo
Ten Thousand Times of Love, no. 13
Oil on canvas, 2004
100 x 140 cm.

  • Exhibition: Createurs du Nouveau Monde, Biennale de Montpellier 2005
  • Provenance: Galerie de Bellecour, Lyon (bought directly from the artist)

“Like every child I was fascinated by the unpredictability of the kaleidoscope. Each successive pattern felt like a dream where I could lose myself in its forms, colours, and lights. I wanted to create a piece out of this universe of images and so I became enthused with the idea of “10 thousand” as in the 10 thousand transformations of the kaleidoscope. Is it chance? Is every chance pattern linked? At what point can we let go, we who live a life full of images? It is with this in mind that I started “The Ten Thousand Times of Love”, starting from the idea that we must take things as they come and that chance allows for no possibility of choice. In conclusion, an explosion in the depths of a black hole is an accident, the spark which is created from it, is its culminating point.”

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