Oluwole Omofemi (Nigerian, b. 1988)
Place of Spirit
Oil and acrylic on canvas
48 × 42 1/10 in. / 122 × 107 cm.
Signed and dated by the artist lower right
• Certificate of authenticity

‘Pathfinders often come into our lives to let us know that there is a place somewhere in our lives where we have lost our ways. Antelope speaks of decisiveness and speed of action, which requires to step out of our own heads, to stop thinking our way and start feeling another new way. There is a way of thinking that goes beyond analysis and categorization, which can often slow our actions down and lead to indecision. There is a part of us, a part of our minds that is in touch with things that our rational literal minds can’t know. We can’t flow through life, we can’t be in the zone unless we are listening to that part of ourselves and allowing it to lead us to and through thoses places that we don’t understand. We can be as swift as Antelope and our bodies can flow effortless if we just allow ourselves to trust in more than what we already know, what we can name or what we can analyze.
This is more than just animal instinct. This is the place of spirit and INSPIRATION, the place of truest inspiration, the place of truest creativity. Antelope calls for us to follow the path that brings us to that place. We will know it deeply within ourselves when we find it and we will not hesitate. We will flow swiftly and powerfully and with the joy that can only come from living fully within our own bodies and in the completeness of our world’. Oluwole Omofemi about his series ‘Pathfinders’

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